Australia’s First Dedicated LED Lighting Business Opens for Trading

Now nearly 2 years old and still very in its infancy, The LED Shop has had to learn some harsh lessons about marketing LED technology and the experience has proven extremely valuable. The LED Shop Australia is gaining a solid reputation for service, quality, reliability and honesty. Of the many benefits that the Internet has brought the most refreshing would have to be the importance of truth and honesty.Cyber merchants go broke very quickly if they’re not truthful, reliable, communicative and honest when cyber trading. Word gets round quick if your goods are unreliable and the necessary backup service doesn’t happen. The LED Shop Australia is only too aware of this and is keen to maintain their growing reputation for supplying quality LED products at a fair price.The business grew out of sheer need, The LED Shop team live in a remote part of Far North Queensland Australia where households are alternately powered, low voltage solar power with backup generator being the standard system. The first thing that bush people notice when they come to town at night is the sheer brightness and amount of unnecessary lighting being used, we need to light our houses so we can adequately function within them not like its lit for a gig.And it doesn’t just stop at being environmentally conscious; people these days also need to look hard at the amount of light and power they are currently using. On a power budget you could sacrifice indirect brightness for strategic placement of LED spotlights thus increasing time between battery charges.Using a halogen MR16 gives you far too much brightness in small areas such as caravans and mobile homes whilst also contributing to heat risks in confined areas. Most of our customers in small housing have previously used halogen MR16’s pointed towards the roof as they were simply too bright to use, these units are usually consume a massive 50 watts of 12 volt power.For the tech heads – we found that the area directly in front of the LED MR16 lamp had a much higher Lux reading than using a 40w fluorescent although the fluorescent gave more surrounding light of course though the difference in power consumption is astronomical.A typical ultra white MR16 lamp consumes between 1 to 1.5 watts of power and gives a Lux reading of 150 Lux at 1 metre / meter. A 50w halogen lamp uses 50 watts of power and has a Lux reading of 80 Lux at 1 meter. In short if placed properly LED lights were just as bright as fluorescents and used a fraction of the power plus they gave us colourful options we hadn’t dreamed of.Trial and error sampling of potential product can really eat into the finances of a young business and you can’t imagine the number of times The LED Shop had to pack up defective product and send it back to the manufacturer. We realized this has a twofold benefit though in the sense that the manufacturer raises their standards and The LED Shop keeps its good reputation.Since those early days The LED Shop has increased its range to include a growing automotive, domestic and outdoor range. Early prototype models have been improved upon by consistent testing and customer feedback – for example the new 8 LED bulb torch due early February will retail at $25-00 from the website and is twice as bright as the previous 6 LED bulb model, it has sturdier features and is available only from The LED Shop. In domestic homes our 240 volt AC LED bulbs will adequately light hallways, bathrooms etc whilst the beautiful colour changing LED bulbs will be handy anywhere in the home.We also sell motorcycle LED’s, LED tail lights/LED brake lights, inside, overhead, glove box and trunk LED lights, LED park lights, landscape LED low voltage bulbs, outdoor LED lights [], LED flashlights and LED torches.All our products carry a standard 12 month replacement RTB warranty.The business isn’t limited to Australia and welcomes enquiries from individuals and resellers worldwide, Australian to worldwide destination postage rates are very reasonable, all large packages are automatically insured.For more information, or to view our complete range of products, visit our website at Led Shop Online – LED Lights or send us an email [email protected]